Pure Cashmere Market Is Expected To Witness Robust Growth By 2025

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The report entitled pure cashmere market also gives a detailed idea of various technologies used by the manufacturers and industry experts to enhance the technological intervention in this market. An in-depth study in terms of production, market revenue share and price is also a major factor of focus in this report. The company profile section also focuses on companies planning expansions. This can be very well studies through regional segmentation as all the key market players play an important role in uplifting the region they operate in.

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Cashmere wool is commonly known as Cashmere, it is one of the rarest natural source of fiber available in the world. It is not a wool but a hair that comes from goats in Gobi desert from the region of Northern China to Mongolia. During the molting season of the goats i.e. May and June the locals comb the belly hair, sort it and send for further processing called dehairing unit. It is further exported to Europe, for converting to fine yarn with the help of spun process.

The pure cashmere market is growing owing to several factors, the main ones being that it is extremely light weight and keeps the user warm. Cashmere is popular owing to its classic style and toughness, and is influencing the market growth. Cashmere is a tremendously soft material which is very user friendly and comfortable to wear it. Cashmere has high moisture content in the wool and hence it is easily adjustable to temperatures. These factors are helping the growth of pure cashmere market.

Pure cashmere market share is growing owing to its increased popularity as an ideal material for fine woolen wear. Cashmere is 8 times warmer than wool and it is extremely soft in texture. Cashmere products are often considered as a luxury and owned by the rich and famous. However, with the growing income and spending power of people the market growth is relatively high. In western countries owning a pure cashmere garment is a matter of pride, apart from the fact that it is much warmer than normal wools. Pure cashmere market finds its application in accessories like hats, scarfs, gloves, ponchos and many other products. These products are also extremely popular owing to its characteristics of light weight, soft and extremely warm material.

However, pure cashmere is costly owing to its complex production process and is present in a limited quantity, these are some factors that are restricting the development of pure cashmere market share.

The pure cashmere market share is segmented based on by type, by applications, by User and region. Segmentation on type is done as White Cashmere, Cyan Cashmere and Purple Cashmere. Depending on the type of cashmere the price varies. Segmentation on end-user is done as Male, Females and Children. The pure cashmere market is equally shared by all types of end-users, especially in areas of extreme low temperatures. Segmentation on application is done as clothing, accessories and home textiles.

Based on region the global pure cashmere market size, segmentation is done as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Middle East and Africa. The Asia-Pacific region is predicted to lead in the cashmere market. This is owing to the increased demand of cashmere in the market and growth of manufacturers in China. North America is estimated to witness growth owing to increased demand as a result of better economic conditions of the country. Europe leads the global pure cashmere market size, in terms of contribution. Europe imports cashmere from China, which is expected to help the market growth.

Key players in pure cashmere market are Gobi, Cashmere Holding, Tianshan Wool, Viction Cashmere, Erdos Group, Ningxia St.Edenweiss International Enterprises Group and many others.


The various segments of pure cashmere market are,

By Type:

  • White Cashmere
  • Cyan Cashmere
  • Purple Cashmere

By end users:

  • Female
  • Male
  • Child

By Applications:

  • Cashmere Clothing
  • Cashmere Accessory
  • Cashmere Home Textiles

By Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Latin America and Middle East and Africa

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What to expect from the upcoming report on ‘pure cashmere market’:

– Future prospects and current trends of the pure cashmere market by the end of forecast period. (2017 – 2025).

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– Supportive initiatives by government likely to influence the market dynamics.

– In-depth analysis of different market segmentations including regional segmentations, applications and types.

– Deep analysis about the competitive landscape of the market and the initiatives by them to improve this market.

– Trends, drivers, opportunities, restraints, challenges and key developments in the market

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