Present Trend::Green Concepts Inc, (OTC US:INKW)

The Exchanging trend “Loss” on Wednesday, May, 15, 2019, of the Green Concepts Inc, INKW of exchange OTC US.

Trending Market Analyst:

The trading session of the company Green Concepts Inc (OTC US : INKW) started the business at $0.0051 and closed at $0.0049 with the difference of -0.0005 percent (Loss).

Market Capitalization:

Market cap measures what a company is worth on the open market, as well as the market’s perception of its future prospects, because it reflects what investors are willing to pay for its stock.

This fallacy occurs especially often in the case of new investors. The market Capitalization of the company recorded at 0.

Highest & Lowest Prices Of OTC US, Green Concepts Inc With Moving Average:

A high/low is the highest and lowest price at which a stock has traded during the previous week (05.00-days). It is a technical indicator used by buyer / seller and investors who view the previous week high or low as an important aspect in determining a stock’s current value and predicting future price movement. The highest price over the last 05.00 days was remained at $0.009 with the high parentage of -45.56 percent. The Lowest price over the last 05.00 days was remained at $0.004 with the low percentage of 22.5 percent.

A Moving Average (MA) Is A Comprehensively Indicator And Is Based On Past Price:


        • 05.0 Days Moving Average (MA): 0.006 percent
        • 20.0 Days Moving Average (MA) & Signals: 0.008 percent
        • 50.0 Days Moving Average (MA) & Signals: 0.0118 percent

Weighted Alpha: How Do They Work?

A positive alpha of 1.0 means the fund or stock has outperformed its benchmark index by 1 percent. A similar negative alpha of 1.0would indicate an underperformance of 1 percent. .

Weighted Alpha alert that stock has increased or decreased over an one-year period with a higher weighting for recent price activity. The company’s Green Concepts Inc, INKW has a Weighted Aplha -60.72. Here:

        • A Positive weighted alpha indicates that the stock has boosted.
        • A Negative weighted alpha indicates that the stock has reduced.

Return On Equity (ROE) Percent:

ROE is considered a measure of how effectively management is using a company’s assets to create profits. ROE is expressed as a percentage and can be calculated for any company if net income and equity are both positive numbers. The company Green Concepts Inc having 0 percent.

Eps Indicators Of The Company INKW:


TTM stands for Trailing Twelve Months. It is being used to represent the performance of Green Concepts Inc.  The Price/Earnings Ratio is often referred to as P/E (ttm), which is calculated as the stock’s current price divided by a company’s trailing 12-month Earnings for each Share (EPS). The PE(ttm) of the Company recorded at 0 percent.

Forward PE Ratio:

A company with a higher forward P/E ratio than the industry or market average indicates an expectation the company is likely to experience a significant amount of growth. If a company’s stock fails to meet the high ratio value with boosted for each share earnings, the price of the stock will fall. Forward P/E is a measure of the price-to-earnings ratio using forecasted earnings for the P/E calculation for the next fiscal year.The forward P/E ratio of INKW, OTC US recorded as 0 percent.

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